Law Firm Identity


Providing the St. Louis area with the very best criminal defense law, The McCulloch Law Group helps its clients clear their names.

Because of the serious consequences, a criminal conviction can have, from the penalties associated with the conviction to the impact on employment prospects a criminal record can have, they make it their mission to provide defendants with experienced, dedicated legal representation in order to ensure that their rights receive the fullest possible protection.

The resulting identity represents The McCulloch Law Group’s integrity and expertise. The symbol was purposely kept simple in appearance to reflect the company‚Äôs quiet efficiency as well as to reflect confidence in their abilities.


Show Me Electrical Services

New WordPress Site

Show Me Electrical Services provides electrician services in St. Louis, MO. They asked me to build them a website in WordPress. I worked closely with the owners to bring their goals for the site to life: a professional presence and lead generation through a well-optimized, yet simple site structure.

If you would like to see the entire site, click on over via the above link. If you would like to talk to me about a new WordPress site for your business (or any other pursuit) please send me an email.